Introducing our new student blogger

Hello everyone!!

I’m Emily and as I will be blogging regularly I thought it best to tell you about myself. Here are 30
facts about me:

1. I’m naturally blonde

2. I prefer cats to other animals

3. My lucky number is 13

4. My favourite movie is Love Actually

5. My favourite flower is a red rose

6. I was born in Bishop Auckland

7. Art is my passion

8. I hate to see people in pain

9. My favourite song is ‘Lover, please stay’ by Nothing But Thieves

10. My celebrity crush is Benedict Cumberbatch

11. I’m a vegetarian

12. I love seeing people happy

13. Most of my clothes are black

14. I’m scared spiders and mice

15. I have 1 half sister and 2 half brothers

16. I love the band ‘Tankus the Henge’

17. I went on holiday to Paris

18. Getting out of bed in the morning is a real struggle because I have

19. I don’t like dresses

20. My favourite food is Vegetarian spag Bol

21. I LOVE horror movies

22. I played football for 8 years

23. My favourite book is ‘Pride and Prejudice’

24. My eyes go green when I cry

25. I was born in 1999

26. I have anxiety

27. I love the restaurant ‘Noodle Nation’

28. I use sarcasm a lot

29. My nickname is ‘Oomlarr’

30. My favourite quote is: “Sometimes it’s the people no one
imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine.”