Revision Tips

Student blogger Emily is back this week to tell us her top revision tips!

It’s never too early to start revising! If anything it’s best not to leave it too late to give yourself the best chance of success. Here are a few tips to help you achieve the best possible results:

* Find the best revision method that works for you.

Don’t stick with what you’ve been told or taught to do. Try some out, find what’s best for you.

Some examples are flash cards, mind maps and past papers.

* If you work better with structure then try making your own revision schedule leaving time for breaks so you are less likely to lose concentration. It has been shown that 20-30 minute long revision sessions work well. This allows you time to relax and less likely to build up stress.

* If you don’t work well with a structured timetable then try doing your revision when it best suits you but don’t let this become low on your priority list. Why not try revising in the morning to allow you free time in the evening?

* Finding the right balance between studying and free time. It’s never easy choosing to revise over going out with friends. If you plan right then you can reward yourself! Work hard then give yourself some time away from the books. It’s not all about the work. Your mindset is important as well, keep relaxed and stress free.

* When going over your work whilst revising for any topic. You may come across something that you don’t understand. How to solve this problem… JUST ASK. Ask a friend, a parent, a tutor or even use the internet or the library books in the College.

* Whilst revising and still learning new topics, you see other peers with so much confidence. Always remember to never compare yourself to another. This won’t help and it will make you more worried about the exams. Focus on yourself.

Good Luck in your exams and try your best!

Revision Tips
Revision Tips