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Fashion students hit the runway

Held at Aylesbury College, the second year fashion students showcased their final design pieces as part of their end-of-year project. Along with the highly anticipated fashion show, guests were also provided the chance to view the students’ end-of-year exhibition and new pop-up shop, which will remain open in the College until Thursday 18 June.

The fashion show and exhibition is part of a two week course of creative events run by Aylesbury College students. On Saturday 13 June Level 3 Visual Arts students will hold their end-of-year exhibition, featuring digital design, photography and mixed media, whilst Level 4 Creative Business students' end-of-year trade show will take place on Saturday 20 June.


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Bletchley Park.  In early May the Information Technology Level 2 and 3 students visited the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park. As any visitor may know, Bletchley Park is the birthplace of, with engineers and mathematicians building the world’s first…

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- In May Sports students raised £560.00 for Regain.  Regain is the only charitable organisation dedicated solely to improving the independence of all British men & women who have become tetraplegic as a result of a sporting or leisure accident. Students have…