To go or not to go; that is the question…

Are you thinking about going to university?

It’s okay not to be sure, you should always think about what you want to do in the future and what path will benefit you personally. If you are considering university as your next choice then here are some pros and cons. I had some help from a former college student who now goes to university.


● Being independent and getting to make your own choices.

● In some cases living by yourself. You don’t have to work round other people’s schedules. You can come and go as you please, eat what you want and sleep when you want.

● You get to meet loads of new people and the best part is that they’re all in the same boat as you, they are new too.

● If you’re leaving to go to university outside of your local area then you get to discover a whole new place and new things to do.

● As well as the surrounding area you also have a whole campus to take advantage of. There are usually shops only a 5 minute walk away if you’re staying university accommodation. There is most definitely going to be a library that if lucky will be open 24/7 for those 2am moments when you realise you have forgotten to do an assignment!

● University will also have a wider range of clubs and societies, giving you more room so pursue your passions and meeting like minded people. It could be gaming, sport, food or language. It could even be the time to try new things and become more confident in different things.


● Your tutors are different at university than the ones you have at college. Your effort, attendance and work are all solely your responsibility. This time in your life is about showing what your capable of achieving yourself.

● MONEY. This is a big thing when considering going as being sensible with your money is key. If you’re contemplating over which better brand to get when you’re food shopping then you’ll need to think about the bigger picture! The difference between a couple pounds might not seem like a lot but it will in the long term.

● RENT. Depends where you go to university but you could be looking at around £75 - £135 a week. You need to keep in mind that making sure you have a plan of action for this so it doesn’t lead to worse trouble down the line. You will also have to take out a student loan which you’ll need to re-pay over the next few decades!

● Shared accommodation… sounds great. Unless you get landed with someone who was clearly never taught to tidy up after themselves. Keep in mind when choosing where and who you’re going to live with that you will have no problems and a mutual understanding about the standards that should be kept when living together. Patience could also be a handy tool in this situation.

I hope that these few point are helpful and give you a little idea about life at university and that you have the brightest future whatever your decision.

Emily - Student Blogger