Creative Work Showcased at Amersham Campus

Creative Work Showcased at Amersham Campus

Work by students in Creative Industries was showcased at the Amersham Campus this week during the College’s End of Year show.  Displays of student work in in art & design, photography, graphics, fashion, and animation adorned the corridors and classrooms while performing arts and TV production students put on live performances throughout the week in the college’s theatre and TV studio respectively.  Below is a snapshot of the inspiring work on show.

Ricky Nuttall was so moved by the Grenfell tragedy that he decided to go to the site to see the devastation for himself.  As a result, he created paintings and wrote a touching  poem reflecting his thoughts.

Lorenzo Di Zenobbia's final major graphic design project on Deafness

Lauren O'Neill's sculpture entitled - Mother Nature.  Human is to nature as skin is to bark; as roots are to veins.  What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.

Down the Rabbit Hole by Cali Charles - The little gril could not sleep, because her thoughts were way too deep, her mind had gone out for a stroll, and fallen down the rabbit hole.

A treat for those who like their breakfast extra crunchy!

Error by Dina Shirley. My final major piece was based on the theme of 'Errors', this alowed me to look at how mistakes are an important element in everyday life, particularly in the art world.

Transmission by Charis Wright.  Envisage for a moment the complexity of the brain. Observe the cerebral rythms of cognitive processes through viewing this piece at the designated viewing station

Solar System Face by Olivia Harbour. in this piece I have joined my spots and scars together recreating the solar sytem to turn negative comment about acne into a strong positive one through photography and art.

One of the many beautiful creations by fashion students

'The Brambles Escape' A children's story in response to HS2 by Art Illustration Media student Lucy Moyse.