Interaction Simulation Facility Showcased at HealthTec Thames Valley

Interaction Simulation Facility Showcased at HealthTec Thames Valley

Bringing health and education together in a new learning environment, HealthTec Thames Valley opened at the Aylesbury campus last year and incorporates a brilliant interactive simulation facility to help learners understand how to deal with emergencies and other scenarios they might find working as a paramedic or doctor.  The facility is unique within the region and can be programmed to visually replicate environments such as an airport disaster, terrorist bomb explosion, hospital ward or even a night club, into which learners can be placed.

HealthTec Thames Valley Manager, Adam Poland, said “We can replicate Interactive, real-life simulation scenarios mirroring the everyday workplace experiences you might find in the health and care sector.”

“Students can follow these simulation scenarios to gain an understanding of the roles played by health professionals by following a patient pathway. For example, a simulation could be the immediate aftermath of a road traffic accident, with Paramedics on scene and then moving on to caring for the injured in an ambulance. The scenario might then follow patients through A&E all the way through to specialist rehabilitation.”

Since HeathTec Thames Valley opened the facility has welcomed children from schools across the region to enjoy the many different experiences that can be put together.  Students studying at Buckinghamshire College Group have also been able to experience it first hand.  “HealthTec Thames Valley is a fantastic way for students to learn about the range of careers options within the health sector,” said Adam.

HealthTec Thames Valley will be holding its inaguaral Healthcare Careers Week in June 2018 and students from Chesham Grammar School will be attending.  As well as the interactive ‘Patient Journey’ students will get to meet industry experts, spend a day with Bucks Healthcare Trust, visit care homes, learn about dementia and come away with an accredited first aid certificate at the end of the week.

Further information about HealthTec Thames Valley can be found here