MP David Lidington visits Level 3 Public Services Students

MP David Lidington visits Level 3 Public Services Students

On the 1st December our local MP David Lidington came to visit Level 3 Public Service students. The group had been studying Government and Politics and the main topic they were looking at was Levels of Government Election and Policy Making.

During the visit all of the students found it to be very beneficial to speak to someone who’s so heavily involved in Parliament. This also gave the students the opportunity to gain an insight into the role which Mr Lidington plays and they were able to relate this to their current studies.

Prior to the talk each student was given the task to produce their own questions to ask Mr Lidington.  For this task they were so well prepared that they questioned Mr Lidington for over an hour!  Some students addressed challenging and emotive topics, but all remained professional and had considered how they worded their questions.  At the end of the talk the students expressed that they thoroughly enjoyed their experience with being able to talk to a politician.

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