Beyond the Classroom

Sports clubs and lunchtime societies give students a chance to meet people on different courses, and have some fun! We also have a College Council and student representative system, offering students the chance to have their say.

Student Union

The Student Union exists to help you get the most out of College life, and is run by student officers elected by you. All students at the College are automatically members of the Union and can benefit from access to a variety of free services including welfare advice, information, social activities and entertainment. The SU also plays a vital role in student representation and communication within the College.

To become a Union Rep, click here.

Each year a Student President is selected to work with the Union, to help organise events and liaise with the College’s senior Managers and Directors.

Aryan Akthar is currently the Student President based at the the Amersham Campus, if you would like to contact him please email

National Union Of Students (NUS)

You can register for an NUS card online at For only £12.00, this card will enable you to obtain discounts in your favourite retail stores, restaurants and a variety of other outlet.

Social Media

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There are a range of clubs and activities on in the College during lunch times and after College. These include lots of sports clubs (both mixed and single sex – everything from boxing to yoga), film club, debating society and a music club. Students are encouraged to suggest clubs that they would like to get involved with, and these suggestions can be put forward at regular College Council meetings.