These guidelines outline the expectations for temporary remote studying for students in the event that the College needs to temporarily suspend its face-to-face learning and business operations to remote working in light of Government guidance for Colleges and Schools on the Coronavirus.

Guidance for full and part time student

  • The College is endeavouring to maintain a “business as usual approach” to ensure that all our students have every opportunity to successfully complete their qualifications. Following your usual timetable will provide a structure to your day and give you as much continuity as possible
  • Students and teachers will be accessing Cloud for timetabled lessons for the whole Study Programme including Maths, English, Tutorial and Directed Study, which will be delivered remotely online. All students should be aware of how to login to Cloud, but if this is not the case, students are expected to contact their Course Leader or Curriculum Manager for the department. Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) can also help with this
  • Any students who do not have access to devices or the internet at home should let their Course Leader or Curriculum Manager know and they will be provided with paper based resources to support with any individual needs
  • Parents can access the student timetables using the Parent Portal. Access to the Parent Portal can be gained through your young person
  • Attendance to the Cloud lessons will be logged and monitored as usual. Students who do not sign in for the online sessions will be marked absent and followed up in line with the College Attendance Strategy
  • Resources, handouts and/or presentations for the lessons will be uploaded and the teacher for that session will also be online at that time to facilitate learning. The teacher may make use of online learning tools such as discussion boards, live video lessons, live chat and quizzes
  • Students will be expected to submit work as normal, including assessment, homework, mock exams, assignments in line with the course assessment schedule
  • Teachers will mark submitted work as usual and feedback to the students within the standard two week response time, as outlined in the Student Submission Guidelines
  • For courses with a practical element, provision will be made for intensive sessions on return to College with the expectation that all set written work is completed during the remote learning period
  • The College is in contact with external agencies such as awarding bodies and universities with regard to exams and student progression to Higher Education; we will ensure any information is communicated to students and parents

Guidance for Apprenticeships

  • Lessons for apprentices will be delivered in line with their usual timetable. Where apprentices have practical lessons, theory work will be set to cover the whole day to accelerate the theory elements. Practical tasks that the apprentice completes in the workplace will be mapped to their technical training
  • Apprentices will continue to have access to awarding body resources and portals such as Smart Screen
  • Assessors will continue with workplace visits where possible. The assessor will have a weekly phone calls or skype meeting with the apprentices to ensure they have logged on to OneFile and monitor progress, assess any outstanding work and complete reviews that cover health and safety, safeguarding, on the job and off the job progress, maths and English

Guidance for Effective Remote Studying

These are suggestions to help you with remote studying and your health and well-being

  1. Create a Space for Work

Where possible try to create a space for studying in line with your timetable that is quiet and away from distractions

  1. Morning and Daily Routines

Continue your usual routines as if you are going to College, from your breakfast to shower and dressing routines

  1. Agree Boundaries with Other People in the Home

It maybe that you are sharing your studying day and work space with other people in the home. Agree a set of boundaries with them for you to study effectively

  1. Structure and Schedule your Day

Organise your studies and your goals for day. This will help you manage your time and workload. Make sure you understand the targets you are working towards and the deadlines to achieve

  1. The Great Outdoors and Breaks

Schedule in small breaks throughout the day and a lunchtime. Move about during the day as you would if you were at College, and try to get some fresh air with maybe a walk at lunchtime

  1. Communication and Connecting

Remote studying can feel quite isolating at times, so stay in regular touch with your Course Leader and friends from your course. If you are feeling isolated, talk to your Course Leader who can provide you with the support you require.

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