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Don’t be nervous about attending an interview for your College course – here is all the information you need about what to expect when you arrive.
At Buckinghamshire College Group we understand that for many of our applicants this will be their first academic interview or their first interview for some time. The information here is to give you an overview of what to expect and what you may need to prepare for your interview.

After you have submitted your application online one of the Admissions Team will get in touch to discuss the next steps of your application and to arrange an interview date.

You will then be emailed a confirmation of the date and time of your interview and any special requirements.The below information is intended as a guide, the format of the interview may be slightly different depending on the course.


All of our full-time courses require an interview.

Your interview will last between 30 to 60 minutes and will vary depending on the subject you've applied for. For the more popular subjects, you'll be greeted by our Admissions Team who will provide a short presentation detailing what you can expect from life at the college. You'll then be given a short tour of the campus before meeting with the course tutor for a one-to-one. They will explain the details of the course, what will be required from you as a student and will also want to get to know you and why you want to do the course. Be ready to talk about you!

For some courses, you may be asked to attend an audition, show us a portfolio or take part in a workshop as part of the application process. Where as some courses will simply be a one-to-one chat with the course tutor. Whatever the format of your interview, we'll be sure to let you know in advance!

At the end of your interview the tutor will explain the next steps to you and hopefully that will result in an offer on your chosen course. You may be invited to attend a further practical session at a later date. Alternatively we might ask you to have a chat with our Admissions Team about a more suitable course.


Many of our online and short part time courses do not require an interview. After submitting your application form the Admissions Team will let you know if you require an interview for your chosen part-time course and if there is anything you need to prepare, but don't worry, interviews for our part-time offerings are usually quite informal.

Some of our part-time offerings, such as GCSE, may require an assessment. These aren't anything to worry about, they are our way of making sure we offer the course that is right for you.

Higher Education Courses

If you have applied for a Higher Education course such as our Foundation Degrees then your interview may include one or more of the following:

  • A one-to-one interview to discuss career aspirations, current working practices and preparation for Higher Education.
  • A short paper-based numeracy assessment (10 questions).
  • A hand-written short answer paper, based on a written piece that will be sent to you when your interview is booked.


If you have a job and an employer who is willing to support you through your Apprenticeship then an Assessor will come to visit you in your workplace for your interview.

If you do not have a job secured for your Apprenticeship then you will be advised by the Admissions Team to interview for one of our full time courses, if you manage to get a job before enrolment then you could be transferred onto an Apprenticeship programme.


There are two types of offers: Conditional and Unconditional.

A conditional offer means that there a few things that you still have to meet before enrolling on the course; these might be a satisfactory reference, achieving certain exam results or the outcome of a practical assessment.

If you are given an unconditional offer the next steps will be an invitation to enrol on your chosen course.

When you receive your offer, you'll be asked to either accept or reject your offer using our online form.

Additional Support

We can provide support at interview for Autism, Asperger’s, a physical or a sensory need. For any other requirement, please contact the Learning Support Team, you can find the details on our Contact Us page.

Can't Attend

Please contact the Admissions Team as soon as possible if you are unable to attend your interview and they will offer an alternative. If you numerous interviews without contacting the Admissions Team your application may be withdrawn. If this happens then simply contact Admissions to have your application reinstated.
See our contact us to find out how to get in touch.

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