Photo of Nurse Cadets Completing PPE Training

In 2018-2019, a pilot Nurse Cadet programme was offered to a few students from our Wycombe campus. The Nurse Cadet programme was designed to offer our Health and Social Care students, with aspirations towards Nursing or Allied Health Care professionals, a chance to experience these roles for real, before going to University to continue their training. 

Students' Anti-Bullying Campaign

Our Level 3 Business students were given the challenge of creating an internal digital marketing campaign to promote anti-bullying week and increase awareness about the effects of bullying and how to report it. Students created a multitude of content, including; slideshows for the TV screens across the three campuses, Youtube videos, TikTok videos, as well as digital posters.

Photo of Joe Dixon


We are very pleased to announce that Joe Dixon, a Level 2 Electrical Installation student at our Aylesbury campus, won SPARKS Learner of the Month for October. 

Joe entered the competition by submitting a picture to SPARKS magazine of a 3 socket radial circuit, simulating connection to a consumer unit, using Twin and CPC cables. 

Abbie May

Abbie May a former Hair & Media Makeup student recently got in touch to tell us about her time at our Amersham campus and what she is up to now. During her time at secondary school Abbie came to the realisation that her classes weren’t right for her, as they didn’t challenge her creatively. At first she considered studying Beauty but desired to be more creative which led her onto our Level 2 Diploma in Hair & Media Make Up & Level 3 Diploma in Theatrical, Special Effects and Hair and Media Make Up at Amersham.

Once she started the course her determination led Abbie to work at Space NK an MAC Cosmetics alongside her course to gain experience. She also started working as a freelance make up artist to build up a portfolio and contacts ready for her next steps into the industry. By having great experience and qualifications this gave Abbie a strong path into a professional role.

Abbie said her honest ambitions were “…to make a lot of money and live a comfortable life. A woman who can hold herself. I want to create a legacy and for my work to be remembered when I am gone, an icon if you like.” An entrepreneur is one way of describing Abbie with her high ambitions and her creativity of always thinking outside the box.

Abbie’s enjoyed her courses at College as they involved “ …learning about the make-up looks through the decades, finding differences between them and noticing how make up has evolved over the years. To this day, I still use this knowledge when creating make up looks for my clients and including aspects of the make-up trends back then now. The practical lessons were my favourite, I could get creative and learn about each individual product I applied on the skin. This was the most fun for me! Then take pictures and do it again but even better, after all, practise makes perfect.”

Abbie has now launched an agency representing hair stylists, make-up artists, nail technicians and barbers called MAIDA MONEY. It was named this because “Maida Vale was the first place I moved to in London and MONEY because I want to make a lot of it doing what I love the most - make up! “. Abbie has already booked her represented artists on shoots on Sleek Make Up campaigns, Takeshi’s Castle, MTV’s MTV STAX and worked with many celebrities including H.E.R for the BRIT’s, Bebe Rexha for VOIR magazine front cover shoot, presenter Vick Hope and Capital FM’s breakfast show presenter Roman Kemp. MAIDA MONEY is now launching merchandise for the brand and a few products will follow. Keep your eyes peeled on @maidamoneyagency@abbiemaymua on Instagram!

Abbie may former student

Oliver Peacock, a former Applied Science student who has just graduated with a 2:1 in physics recently got in touch to tell us about his journey to studying at a PhD level. 

Morgan, Liah and Jess are FdA Musical Theatre students at Bucks College Group and second year students at Bucks New Uni. One of their modules required them to devise a community, so together they set up an outreach project aimed at spreading awareness of the negative effects that social media can have, called Keeping it Social. Keeping it Social highlights the severity of cyber bullying and the detrimental effects it has on many young people, encouraging people to think twice before saying or posting something.

Introduction Photo to Fashion Students' Blog

Throughout Black History Month, our Level 3 Fashion Retail students have been busy researching how fashion brands are responding to the issue of equality and diversity. They each wrote their own blog about what brands are doing and how this can inspire other brands to follow in their steps. We are so pleased to see our students reflecting on such an important issue and relating it to their industry. To ensure we could share everyone's blogs, we have compiled excerpts from each. 

Declan Avery is an Independent Living student at our Wycombe campus, who showcased his incredible model of a city, constructed from paper. Declan named the city 'Decopolis'. 

Declan spent several months on this creative project and explained how "each building had to be measured precisely, drawn, printed and cut carefully. Folding the paper into the right shape was very tricky and needed a lot patience."

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